A bit about me

My name is Nicholas Pelchat, and I was born on March 30, 1993. I am in my first year at the University of Ottawa, and I am studying commerce with an aim to specialize in either Marketing or International Business.


Wiki Overview

I decided to do my wiki on my three favorite sports which are, basketball, football, and baseball. I am a huge sports fan, who not only loves to watch but also play sports. I love sports because they are very competitive as well as fast paced. In my wiki, I will talk about the sports in general, my favorite teams and players, as well as why I love watching/playing them. Furthermore, I love going to sports games because the atmosphere is so intense and exciting.




Cited Sources

This is an example of the great atmosphere you'll find at baseball games.


SI.com - MLB

People who have contributed to my wiki;

1. Jill Hirschmann, edited the front page added rss feed - My Germany
2. Bradley Bache, (edited table of contents on home page) http://adm1370p-bbache1993.wikispaces.com/
3. Allan Tripp, edited the NBA page added youtube video - http://adm1370-golf.wikispaces.com/
4. Ryan Wallace, added photo to NFL page
5. Brenda Lim, Centred text and video. Adjusted text size. Moved the T.O.C. and links to other pages up a bit - http://adm1370-exquisitecakes.wikispaces.com/
6. Brad Koerner, Edited grammar. - http://adm1370-extreme-sports-around-ottawa.wikispaces.com/
7. Nicholas Raycroft - Added Miracle at the New Meadowlands description and video to NFL page - https://adm1370-kwest.wikispaces.com/

Wikis that I have contributed to;

1. Jill Hirschmann, (I made a few minor edits such as sentence format and grammar)
2. Bradley Bache, (edited table of contents on home page) http://adm1370p-bbache1993.wikispaces.com/
3. Brad Massia, (added a video to homepage) http://adm1370-montrealcanadiens.wikispaces.com/
4. Allan Tripp, (added a video to homepage) http://adm1370-golf.wikispaces.com/
5. Ryan Wallace (added a video, edited spelling) http://adm1370-pbknowledge.wikispaces.com/
6. Jordan Borup (added a video) http://adm1370-chellstars.wikispaces.com/